Blogs – What are They Good For?

A post by a friend and fellow EDC3100er, Simon, got me thinking about our blogs that we have all been writing for what seems like a lifetime now (I am not being derogatory – I just lose track of time when doing uni studies). Now Simon was querying

“to what depth are all of these blogs being punched out each week achieving? Does anyone recall or can they pinpoint a specific element of more than a couple of their blogs that has impacted them in any way that carries forward any ‘use’ whatsoever?”

and I would have to say I agree with him. Personally, throughout the blogging process, I have thought some of my own posts lacked the substance I have would have liked to achieve but can see several reasons for it:

– it is something I have never done or even considered before

– I am not an expert in any specific educational context (yet 😉 )

– the constraints of our blog post requirements (subject, length, links, etc)

– the number of blog posts required alongside other course/s work

However, the things I have learnt along the way from my own blogging are:

– it is something I may consider to do in the future if I feel confident enough in my personal knowledge on a topic to freely impart regular words of wisdom

– there are a lot of experts out there to follow and glean relevant information from (although you do have to be discerning)

– other points of view  that I hadn’t considered on a topic

– sharing information can be good (I’m getting so much better at this thing called ‘collaborating’)

– my personal learning network amongst fellow uni students has expanded

I guess our blogs have been about the journey and not the destination.

Blogs – What are They Good For?

3 thoughts on “Blogs – What are They Good For?

  1. Reblogged this on thehouseundertherainbow and commented:
    To be honest I have to agree with Simon and Jenny, What is my blog good for would I even want to read it?
    I had a very grand thoughts of my self at the beginning (henis the blog name). Blogs are hard work how do people manage to have time? I would dearkly love to incorparate interesting topics to me but dont have the time so I am just going trough the mossions of keeping up with the minimum post required.
    Feel really sad about that, wondering if I will keep the blog going after this course, not sure ?

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